Keep Your Dog Safe On Walks: A Guide To Avoiding Pet Hazards

Make sure to mark March 30 on your calendar and celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry companion! However, ensure that you remain aware of potential hazards around you so as not to spoil an ideal day. Stay alert for these common issues while strolling with your pet.

#1: Other Dogs

Keeping your pet safe and relaxed when out for a walk is priority number one. Other dogs are the main cause of distress, especially if either pooch has an aggressive personality or isn’t securely on their leash. Even well-meaning canines who approach with enthusiasm could put your pup in danger – watch carefully! To avoid unwanted confrontations between large groups of pups, it’s best to avoid busy dog parks during peak hours.


#2: Traffic

When walking to the park, it is important to stay vigilant of any oncoming traffic – from cars, bikes, and people. Also, remember that keeping your pet close by will help avoid accidents. For example, should you be using a retractable or long leash for them; they could unexpectedly run into traffic or cause someone else injury if the leash breaks while chasing after something like a squirrel!


#3: Parasites

Don’t let your pet become easy prey for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and intestinal parasites! Arm them with preventatives year-round to ensure their protection from external and internal pests. Always check thoroughly when you return home – nose-to-tail – just in case any of these nasty critters have come along for the ride.

#4: Wildlife

Taking your pup to the park is all fun and games until they encounter wild animals who are trying to protect their nest, food source or home. These furry creatures may become aggressive in self-defense which could put you and your pet at risk of diseases or parasites if disturbed. Therefore, it’s best not to mess with them so everyone can stay safe!

Let your furry friend explore the great outdoors safely and securely with regular preventive care from our team. Make sure to contact us soon for an appointment so we can keep your pet secure from parasites and infectious illnesses.